Rabbit safety - 6 ways to rabbit proof your home

2nd February 2016

Many of our clients in Macclesfield keep pet rabbits inside their own homes. If you’re planning on doing this, you’ll need to make sure your rabbit and home are safe. We’ve got six essential ways to stay safe.

Electrical wires

Preventing rabbits from chewing on electrical cords is critical as they can be badly burned, electrocuted or even killed. The consequences of biting into an electric wire are so severe that the only way to be safe is to keep all electrical wires out of reach. There are some simple ways of doing this, such as by using ‘spiral cable wrap’, plastic cable tubes or even metal strips.

Poisonous plants

Many houseplants are toxic. Make sure you place them on high furniture out of your rabbit’s reach. Watch out for leaves that may fall and go unnoticed.

Here’s a list of some of the common poisonous household plants

If at any stage you think your rabbit may have eaten something poisonous, call us at Bollington Veterinary Centre on 01625 573375 and we will help.

Protecting furniture

If a rabbit insists on chewing the table leg or corner of the sofa, try placing hardboard over the furniture to make them inaccessible while also providing an alternative chewing surface.

Protecting walls

Clear plastic panels from the hardware shop can be fixed to the wall to protect against your rabbit chewing or tearing off the wallpaper.

Restrict the areas of your home

Whilst allowing your pet rabbit to explore the house is great, it may be wise to restrict the area to just one or two rooms. That way you’ll find it easier to protect your pet from hazards and remove unwanted dangers.

Entertain and enrich your rabbit

Perhaps the most effective way to prevent damage to the home is to provide your rabbit with plenty of toys and behavioural enrichment. As a species they love to graze, roam, dig, burrow and explore. Cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes (try the carpet shop for their throw aways), hay balls, hay racks, edible branches and chews all help to satisfy your rabbit’s curiosity.