Neutering your rabbit

2nd March 2016

Rabbits are becoming more and more popular, and at Bollington Veterinary Centre we’re certainly seeing more. No longer a pet to be kept in the ‘hutch at the bottom of the garden’. They are clever, interactive social pets providing all the family with lots of fun and entertainment.

Neutering has historically not been a priority for many pet owners, but with our increasing knowledge of what keeps these animals healthy both physically and mentally, we now realise the importance. Neutering will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of your pet and make your rabbit a better companion.

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Spaying a female rabbit

This is one of the most important decisions you will make for your pet. At Bollington Veterinary Centre we generally perform this operation from 4 months of age under a general anaesthetic. When done in a controlled way it is safe and she will recover quickly.

If you are considering neutering, or if you have doubts or questions about the procedure, please feel free to discuss this with one of our vets. We’re always keen to help. Just call 01625 573375 .

Stop cancer

The key benefits of spaying are that you will prevent her from developing cancer of the uterus and ovaries, both of which are relatively common in rabbits. In some breeds, the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer can be as high as 60%!

No pseudo-pregnancies

Spaying will prevent false pregnancies, where a female goes through all the signs of expecting without actually being pregnant. Often these hormonal imbalances will result in undesirable nesting and digging behaviour. This can all be prevented.

Castrating a male rabbit

This operation is also carried out under a general anaesthetic. Both of the testicles are removed and your pet will be back home on the same day. This procedure will help reduce the aggressive or territorial behaviour your rabbit may otherwise develop.

Neutered rabbits make better pets

We always recommend neutering and with rabbits, we can be certain that you will have a happier relationship with your pet. They tend to be calmer, well behaved and easier to handle.

Responsible decision

By neutering your pet, you’ll also prevent unwanted animals from being born. Sadly, the rabbit rescue societies are always full with abandoned pets and they struggle to find many of them good homes quickly.

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