Litter tray success

4th March 2016

There’s nothing worse than having a cat that toilets in the wrong place around the house and there’s no doubt that litter training is a vital part of making sure your new kitten fits in happily with the family.

At Bollington Veterinary Centre we’ve lots of experience of kittens and cats that don’t cooperate, so whatever you do, get in touch if you’ve got a problem pet.

Cleanliness is key

No cat or kitten likes to use a dirty litter tray. Make sure you always use fresh clean litter. When you clear up the dirty litter, wash and clean the tray to remove all unwanted smells.

Size is important

A small litter tray may not be the best solution for small kittens. They often like to dig about in the litter first, as well as have the luxury of being able to turn around. Most litter trays are about the size of a small baking tray, though sometimes it’s more effective to use something larger.

Count your trays

If you’ve got more than one cat, make sure there are sufficient clean litter trays available for everyone. It helps if you provide one more than there are cats in your house.

Location, location, location

Cats are very sensitive, and can easily become upset if disturbed. Don’t locate the litter tray near the dog bed, by the front door or next to their food bowl. Provide a quiet location where they won’t feel threatened.

Find the right litter

Some cats prefer clumping litter, some prefer wood chip. It can vary, and the smell and texture will be very important to your cat. When you’re starting to try and litter train your kitten, try different cat litters and find the one that’s preferred. We can always give you some advice and tips on where to buy the litter. Just call us at Bollington Veterinary Centre on 01625 573375 .

Expect some accidents

When starting with litter training, it’s inevitable that your kitten will have some accidents, such as toiling just outside the edge of the tray or even in the wrong place. Whatever you do, don’t punish your kitten, as you’ll just cause stress and increase the likelihood of further accidents. If the problem persists, speak to one of our vets at our Bollington clinic and we can see if we can identify the cause.

Try pheromones

There are some excellent products available these days to help reduce stress in cats and increase the chances of good litter tray use. At Bollington Veterinary Centre we often prescribe or recommend the use of cat pheromones that help make a cat feel relaxed. Call us and we can tell you more.