Microchipping and the Law

10th March 2016

Did you know that from April 6th anyone with a dog in the UK has to ensure:

  • their dog is microchipped
  • the microchip is registered with an authorised commercial database
  • the details with the database are kept up to date

Failure to do this could result in a fine up to £500.

Check Your Pet's Microchip with Petlog
Check Your Pet's Microchip with Anibase
Check Your Pet's Microchip with PETrac

What details are held on a microchip database?

  1. Name and address of owner
  2. Contact telephone numbers
  3. Name and identification of dog
  4. Breed, sex and colour of dog
  5. Date of birth
  6. Microchip number
  7. For breeders, their licence number and name of the local authority by which they are licensed

There are two exemptions

  1. Health reasons – if a vet certifies your dog is unfit and that microchipping would seriously affect it’s health, then the microchipping can be delayed.
  2. Working dogs – if a vet has certified that a dog is a working dog, and has also docked it’s tail under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, then the dog doesn’t have to be microchipped before 12 weeks of age (a 4 week extension).

If you are worried about the health of your dog and want to delay microchipping, make sure you speak to one of us at Bollington Veterinary Centre first.

No later than 8 weeks of age

It’s not recommended microchipping is done before 6 weeks of age, but they must have been implanted by 8 weeks of age.

Help us keep our records up to date

At Bollington Veterinary Centre we try to record pet microchip numbers on our practice computer records. We like to check the microchip is in place and working by scanning regularly on your visits.

How does microchipping help us at Bollington Veterinary Centre?

  • Emergencies - microchips help us contact owners quickly. On several occasions we’ve been able to track down and contact an owner within minutes of their pet being admitted.
  • Reduce strays - lost dogs can be returned promptly. In days gone by we’ve had to contact the dog warden, and then wait for days before an stray was relocated with its owner.
  • Deterrent – dog theft can be reduced.