7 ways to keep your cat healthy

6th April 2016

Cats seem to vary from being either fit as a fiddle without a care in the world to constantly in the wars. Wherever your cat fits on this spectrum, here are 7 top tips for keeping your cat healthy.

1. Keep vaccinations up to date

Vaccines are injections given to help protect your cat from infectious diseases. If your cat has never had any or if you know they have lapsed, call us on 01625 573375 .

Apart from protecting your cat, most reputable catteries will insist that your cat’s vaccinations are up to date before they will allow them to stay. Keep this in mind otherwise your holiday plans could be compromised.

2. Quality food

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a good quality diet.

  • Lifestyle – you need to take into account if your pet is a lazy house cat or young energetic kitten. The nutritional needs will vary so check your pets lifestyle.
  • Age – the needs of a kitten are very different to those of a senior feline. You need to be aware of the different energy, protein and fat requirements, so best to check with us at {{owner.clinic-name}}.
  • Health – if your cat has heart, kidney or liver disease, their needs are very specific and must be adhered to. We also find many more cats with diabetes these days, and again these patients require very careful feeding.

All our team will happily advise you how to feed your cat to optimise its health. Call us if you need help.

3. Regular flea and worm treatment

Fleas and worms are a constant threat even for indoor cats.
Treatment to deal with these parasites these days is easy and effective. At {{owner.clinic-name}} we always feel prevention is better than cure. Why not come to our {{owner.clinic-street}} clinic to have your cat weighed and collect the best products available.

4. Neutering

Cats can breed from 6 months of age onwards so planning ‘the snip’ is essential. There are so many unwanted litters of kittens that we don’t want to add to the problem. We’ll happily discuss the advantages with you in more detail, so don’t be embarrassed to ask.

Some of the advantages of neutering include;

  • No unwanted pregnancies – it can happen so easily.
  • Less fighting – cats are generally territorial. Castrated male cats are far less likely to fight than un-castrated toms. You’ll be less likely to
  • have to deal with cat abscesses as well.
  • Healthier – as neutered cats are less likely to wander away, they have a lower risk of accidents and infectious diseases.

5. Microchipping

At Bollington Veterinary Centre we consider this to be essential. No more worrying about losing your beloved pet.

Book a microchipping appointment

6. Dental health

Many of our clients find it difficult to look inside their cat’s mouth let alone attempt to clean their teeth at home, so our qualified nurses will be keen to advise you about other ways to try and preserve good dental health in your cat.

Poor dental health can lead to;

  • gum disease
  • dental decay
  • pain
  • bad breath
  • heart and kidney disease

7. Insurance

Even if your cat seems to stay out of trouble, insurance will give you peace of mind. It is nice to know that throughout your cat’s life you are covered.

Just ask us for more information.