Our guide to applying tick treatment

8th April 2016
  • Choose carefully - check with any of our vets or nurses to ensure you only use the most suitable product. There are many different versions available in pet shops, vets and online. There is a big difference between them and some are better than others. At {{owner.clinic-name}} we only stock the most effective, so do feel free to ask us for help.
  • Weight watch? - check your pet’s body weight before applying the treatment. At our {{owner.clinic-street}} clinic we have accurate walk on scales. You are very welcome to come along for a free weight check and all our staff will be able to help you.
  • Hold on - it’s always easier if you have someone else to help you hold your pet to avoid them moving away at the critical time of putting drops onto the skin.
  • Apply to skin – if you part the hair on the back of the neck so you can see the skin the treatment will be far more effective. Squeeze gently to release the liquid onto the skin. Watch our video
  • No licking - apply the drops along the back of the neck where your pet can’t reach. For larger dogs over 10kg, some tick treatments need to be applied in several locations. Watch our video to see the best way to do this.
  • No rubbing – don’t be tempted to rub the tick or flea product into the skin. The drops will work their way onto the skin where it will get absorbed
  • Don’t touch - keep your fingers away from the applicator tip so that your pet, and not you, receives the dose.
  • Well done! - praise your pet for sitting still. You’ll need to repeat this treatment so keep you pet on your side.

Call us at Bollington Veterinary Centre on 01625 573375 if you need some advise on which product to use.

Tick removal with O'TOM Tick Twister by H3D