The dangers of sticks

9th April 2016

Many of us have heard the stories of dogs being injured by sticks and how dangerous they are, but how many of us don’t believe it or think it won’t happen to us?

Oscar was one of these unlucky ones

Oscar loves chasing and playing with sticks and while out on a walk he went after his stick and obviously misjudged the distance and the stick tore a large hole under his tongue and down to his larynx.

He was very fortunate not to tear a hole in his windpipe or oesophagus or for any splinters to be left in the wound. We have had dogs with very serious complications from fragments of stick left behind in wounds. This area is a very difficult area to examine and to keep clean.

Luckily we were able to clean and suture the wound and despite being sore and swollen he is now well on the mend.

It’s not just chasing stick that cause problems, as we regularly see dogs that chew them and get them wedged across their teeth or swallow sharp splinters and scratch their throats.

Choose a safer option

We stock several substitute toys that are much safer for your dog, such as the fun stick and the toy log.

If you want to see what we have, pop into the surgery and have a browse.