Taking your cat to the vet - 12 top tips

4th July 2016

For most cats, a visit to the surgery can be stressful. Even though we try our hardest to make the experience as pleasant as possible, it’s inevitable that there will be lots to unsettle your pet.

We’ve got 12 suggestions to make a difference to the overall experience for both you and your cat:

  • Robust cat carrier - use a good, sturdy, escape proof cat carrier. Cardboard boxes are generally not suitable for an anxious Houdini. Never travel with your pet loose in the car
  • Suitable size – use a carrier that allows your cat to stand up and move around, but not so big that they can fall about.
  • Top opening – most of us at Bollington Veterinary Centre tend to find that a carrier that opens at the top is much easier to use as the cat can be gently lifted in or out.
  • Give some cover – it can help if you use a towel or sheet to cover the cat carrier during the journey to keep your pet calm.
  • Security - place the carrier in the car in the footwell or on a seat with a seatbelt so it cannot move or fall.
  • Cleaning – with the stress can come accidents. We often find that a frightened cat can urinate or defecate on the journey. The carrier should therefore be easy to clean, preferably made from plastic.
  • Drive carefully – take care and avoid accelerating or braking suddenly. Your cat won’t be used to car journeys and won’t know how to anticipate sudden movements.
  • Remain calm – cats are very good at picking up on our own anxious feelings, so it helps if you can try to relax. Avoid speaking loudly, or moving too fast. Try to avoid swinging the carrier to much and bumping into door ways.
  • Smell nice - if the carrier smells familiar and reassuring, your cat will be far happier. We often find that if you leave the cat carrier in the house and allow you pet to sit or lie in it regularly, then it will feel like home. Avoid juts bringing the carrier out just for those stressful journeys. It should be somewhere your cat chooses to sleep or eat.
  • Pheromones – feline facial pheromones such as Feliway® can be used in and around the carrier prior to the journey. We will nearly always have this in stock at the practice, so please call us on 01625 573375 to pick some up.
  • Book a quieter time of day – if you have a particularly stressed cat, why not ask us if we can book you an appointment at the end of our busy appointment slots. That way you’ll be less likely to have to sit in a waiting room with other animals.
  • Softly softly - talking in a quiet voice and with a reassuring tone.

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