10 ways to ensure your dog enjoys a family holiday

5th July 2016

With summer holidays nearly here, our vets at Bollington Veterinary Centre have put together a simple checklist to make sure you are all prepared when taking your dog on holiday.

  1. Pet Passport - if you’re travelling abroad, check the pet passport requirements carefully. As well as having your dog microchipped, you will also need make sure the rabies vaccinations and Pet Passport have been issued in good time. Contact us at Bollington Veterinary Centre to discuss this early as it can take several weeks for all the formalities to be competed.
  2. Tick control - make sure you organise and carry effective tick control. There are several diseases in Europe and the UK, which are spread by ticks and other biting insects. We can order safe and effective treatments for you. If you call us on 01625 573375 , we can make sure we have the right products in stock.
  3. Insurance - check your insurance documents carefully to ensure it will cover you for accidents and illness whilst you are away or abroad. Read the small print as there may be some exclusions which you’re not aware of.
  4. Take enough medicine - many dogs are on long-term medication such as arthritis and heart treatments. If your dog needs regular treatment, we’d normally recommend you book a health check appointment with us before you go. That we can ensure that your pet is fit to travel and that you have enough medicine to last you for the whole of your trip
  5. Safety first – when travelling by car, keep you pet safe by using a harness or travel cage. There is nothing worse than having an excitable pet jumping about the back seat.
  6. Keep cool – why not get your car air conditioning checked before the journey. Most dogs will find the heat Europe difficult, so keeping them comfortable on the journey will make everyone happy.
  7. Travel sickness – you may need to consider using some travel sickness tablets if your dog gets unwell. Any of our vets will be able to help and advise you on the best products to use. You will need an appointment for us to check your pet first before we can dispense them.
  8. Hot cars - never leave your dog alone in the car – even with the windows open as the heat can become dangerously high in a very short time.
  9. Water - take plenty of water. Dogs keep cool by panting, and will therefore need clean water and a suitable bowl.
  10. Check collars and tags - make sure your dog is clearly identified. You will already have had your pet microchipped. You might need to check that your pet’s microchipping details are all up to date. Why not have a separate tag made with the name and contact details of the place you are staying.

If all of this seems just too much, its also very popular to leave your dog at home in happy, comfortable conditions. We have a list of kennels and dog walkers who would be willing to help you out. Ring us on 01625 573375 and our reception team and we can put you in touch with someone we trust.