How to apply ear drops safely to your cat

3rd August 2016

9 steps to safely administering ear drops

  1. Two is best - it’s usually best to have help when you put in ear drops, as one person can concentrate on holding the animal whilst the other can add the drops
  2. Hold your cat gently but firmly – some cats may become very tense and frightened if held too tight, so you need to adapt how you hold them according to their temperament
  3. A towel may help – if your cat is known to be a wriggler or struggles, then you might prefer to use a towel or blanket to wrap them up and contain those legs and claws
  4. Tilt the head to one side - this allows the ear that’s going to be medicated to be facing upwards
  5. Add the drops - squeeze the required number of drops into the opening of the ear. Make sure you continue to hold cat’s head and earflap up to prevent it from shaking
  6. Massage the ear base – do this gently and you’ll be able to distribute the drops throughout the ear canal.
  7. Repeat – you often need to put the drops into both ears, so repeat on the other side as necessary
  8. Praise and reward – once you have finished, give your cat a good stroke and rub under the chin to let them know they have been good
  9. Protective collar – if we have sent you home with a collar to stop your cat from scratching its ear, make sure you replace it if you have removed it to add the drops