Pet Insurance – make the right choice

2nd September 2016

When it comes to doing the best for your pet, we can’t stress enough how important it is these days to have your pet covered with insurance. There have been so many advances in veterinary medicine and so much more is on offer. Animals are regularly referred for MRI investigations, orthopaedic operations and advanced cancer treatment. Unfortunately these treatments and investigations aren’t cheap, so unless you are lucky to have a pot of gold hidden away, insurance is essential.

At Bollington Veterinary Centre we have a specialist team who can help you make a balanced and informed decision. Before you jump at the first offer, call us on 01625 573375 and ask for some advice.

6 points to consider

  1. Be informed – make sure you find out as much as possible before signing. Most insurance companies offer a range of policies, and there are lots of differences between all the companies, so know the detail.
  2. How long is the cover? – will a condition or problem be covered for the whole life of your pet or for just 12 months. At Bollington Veterinary Centre we feel this is so important, as many conditions last for life, and you may be sadly surprised if your policy doesn’t give you the protection you thought.
  3. What is excluded? – check the small print for the conditions which aren’t covered. Some insurance policies for example won’t cover you for any pre-existing conditions, behavioural problems or dental treatment.
  4. Multi-pet discount – many companies give a discount if you have more than one pet insured with them. It’s worth having and if you don’t ask, you may not get.
  5. Any age restrictions? – some polices will cover you for the whole life of your pet, yet others will no longer be willing to give full or even partial protection as your pet gets older.
  6. Read the small print – never agree to a policy without fully understanding the terms, restrictions and exclusions


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