Bollington Veterinary Centre

6th January 2016

Is your cat a couch potato?

Many cats living in Macclesfield in the 21st century have a wonderful life. Their willing loving owners provide their food, bedding and security. Find out if your cat could do with a little more exercise and less food.

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5th January 2016

Prevention, treatment and care of arthritis

Prevention is better than cure - find out how you can help avoid your dog succumbing to Arthritis with our step by step guide.

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4th January 2016

What are the signs of arthritis?

At Bollington Veterinary Centre we see dogs of all ages and breeds limping their way into the surgery in various degrees of pain. Find out the causes as well as options for treatment.

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3rd January 2016

Red urine in rabbits

Over the years we’ve have had many worried owners rushing into Bollington Veterinary Centre thinking their rabbit has blood in its urine. The sudden sight of red may not always be as bad as you fear.

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