Christmas calm – a canine solution

2nd December 2016


We all know what Christmas can be like. So much festive fun as our families come together for a celebration, but so often the feeling of fun can change, and stress sets in. There’s conflict, noise, and tiredness and we can all suffer, including our pets.

Dogs in particular can be affected, and the consequences of stress can cause all sorts of behavioural and medical issues.

The key to keeping a happy dog happy is to stick to the normal routine as much possible. It may feel like an impossible challenge, but it’s worth the effort.


5 ways to help your dog feel less stressed at Christmas


  1. Provide a hiding place – keep your dog’s bed in a quiet part of the house. Perhaps in a back room, bedroom or under the stairs. You could use a cage with a blanket to provide a dark, comfortable and safe hideaway.
  2. Reward good behaviour – make sure you understand the importance of only rewarding good, calm and appropriate behaviour. Make sure any guests or family doesn’t feed or praise your dog when barking, jumping or chewing.
  3. Maintain a normal routine – this is so important. Feed at the same time each day, and feed the same food. Walks as usual, as well as bedtime routine.
  4. Exercise – we all benefit from regular exercise, and it’s no different for our pets. Take regular walks even if all the family have come round. You’ll all enjoy a bit of exercise anyway.
  5. Use calming products – there are a wide range of aids to help keep dogs calm these days, including Adaptil, Kalm Aid, Nutracalm and Zylkene. Talk to us about all their benefits.

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