Bollington Veterinary Centre

5th July 2016

10 ways to ensure your dog enjoys a family holiday

With summer holidays nearly here, our vets at Bollington Veterinary Centre have put together a simple checklist to make sure you are all prepared when taking your dog on holiday.

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4th July 2016

Taking your cat to the vet - 12 top tips

For most cats, a visit to the surgery can be stressful. Even though we try our hardest to make the experience as pleasant as possible, it’s inevitable that there will be lots to unsettle your pet.

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2nd July 2016

Keeping your rabbit cool in summer

As the summer warms up, it’s time to make sure pet rabbits are kept safe and protected from overheating. Our team at Bollington Veterinary Centre have some ideas on how to achieve this with minimal effort.

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1st July 2016

Blue green algae

Blue-green algae in the UK can become a serious problem at this time of year.  Find out more and keep your pet safe.

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