Bollington Veterinary Centre

4th September 2016

Seven causes of lameness in dogs

We see many dogs every week showing signs of lameness. Some have only a slight limp, others have a significant problem. We look at 7 of the most common problems we encounter.

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3rd September 2016

Emergency care for your rabbit

Do you know what to look for if your rabbit is unwell and needs urgent treatment? Check our list of common rabbit emergencies.

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2nd September 2016

Pet Insurance – make the right choice

Choosing the right Pet Insurance is critical, so make sure you ask us for help and advice. We've got 6 important things to consider before making your choice

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1st September 2016

Feline Obesity - we can help

Health issues as a result of obesity are very common these days, and at our practice we are seeing more and more patients with a problem. The good news is we can help you and your pet. Know the signs and what to do.

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