New Year resolutions – weight loss 5 ways

4th January 2017


2017 is here and many of us will be watching our weight, signing up to the gym and trying to get back into shape. Perhaps it’s also time to take a look at your pet’s body condition and help them achieve better health.


1. Family commitment

Treats and snacks from the family can all contribute to your pet putting on weight. Make sure everyone knows how bad those extra 'tit-bits' can be. The odd digestive biscuit, corner of toast and scraps from your plate will be high in fat, carbohydrate and calories and over time will cause a problem. Get everyone to understand and agree to withhold the treats.


2. Get an exercise routine

Christmas often results in an overdose of lethargy and luxury foods. Why not treat yourself and your dog to more fresh air and outside fun – commit yourself to a good brisk walk every day, helping both you and your pet.


3. Weight watchers

We’re all used to the idea that if more calories are eaten than burned each day, and then eventually you’ll start to put on weight. It’s no different for dogs or cats. By simply adjusting amounts of food offered to meet the exact requirements of your pet can be one of the simple fixes you use to help manage your pet’s weight loss. At Bollington Veterinary Centre we are experts in dietary management. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your pet's calorific needs.


Ask us for some weight watching advice


4. Measure the portions

When it comes to food, always weigh out the correct amount of food according to the package instructions, size, age and lifestyle. If your pet is a bit overweight, just measure out slightly less.


Ask us how much food to feed – we’re here to help


5. Ignore the begging

Attention doesn’t mean you should feed them. Just because they look like they’re begging for your food, doesn’t mean they want it. Most of the time, your pet just really wants your tender loving care and attention. Instead of giving your pet some of your dinner, try a pat on the head, or scratch behind the ear. Even a little indoor play time wouldn’t hurt.


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