The importance of regular health checks

2nd February 2017


Do healthy animals need regular health checks?

We all know to take our pets into the vets when they are ill but how many of us realise the importance of having a health check on your seemingly well pet?

Luckily for one of our patients, Holly, her owners brought her in for a regular vaccination and check over. They had no concerns about her health other than she was slowing down which they had put down to her getting older.

The vet found something unusual

On examination the Vet felt an unusual mass in her abdomen and she was quickly booked in for further examinations.

An Xray showed a large tumour on her spleen which needed emergency surgery.

Splenic tumours are very serious and usually go unnoticed by owners as the animals do not seem unwell. Unfortunately the first sign is often the animal collapsing because the tumour has ruptured, resulting in a large amount of blood loss and often a fatal outcome.

Holly was very lucky

Holly was very lucky that she came in for a routine check over and we could operate and remove the tumour and her spleen, she has gone onto to make a full recovery and her owners have even said she seems much brighter and bouncier than before the surgery.


Has your pet been checked in the last 12 months?

If you haven't had your pet checked over in the last 12 months then give us a ring on 01625 572999 and make an appointment.


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