Cat fleas – at this time of year they’re a big problem

3rd July 2017

Summer is when cat fleas are at their worst, so it's time to check for the tell-tale signs. Contact us at Bollington Veterinary Centre for an appointment if you think your pet has a problem. It’s time to get up to date with preventative treatments. 


What are cat fleas?

Cat fleas are tiny biting insects that jump rather than fly. They live on cats in the home, but can also bite dogs or people. One adult flea can lay 1000s of eggs after just one feed.


What to look for?

It’s easier to find flea droppings, than fleas themselves. ‘Flea dirt’, as it’s also known, looks like small bits of dirt and dissolves into a small red spot if you place it on damp cotton wool.


Why’s the problem worse in summer?

Warm weather speeds up cat fleas’ life cycles, leading to more fleas all hungry for your pet’s blood. Adults lay eggs in the animal’s coat and these can drop onto carpets, beds and around places like skirting boards. Hatchlings are called larvae, which develop into pupae then into mature fleas that feed and lay eggs, starting the cycle all over again.


Recommended treatments

We can advise you on how to avoid the problem or stop it getting out of control. We recommend a variety of treatments from ‘spot-on’ solutions to tablets and environmental sprays to help debug your home. Pop down to see us at Bollington Veterinary Centre to top up on treatments or make an appointment for advice and help.


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What to avoid?

Some supermarket treatments are ineffective. Also, some dog treatments can be fatal to cats, so never take the risk.


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