Halloween safety – 5 top tips

1st October 2017


At Bollington Veterinary Centre we are finding more and more people celebrating and partying for Halloween, with many children and even adults going out in fancy dress playing ‘trick or treat’.

The unexpected arrival of some strangers at the door on a dark night can throw some nasty surprises and frighten our pets, so this month we thought it would help if we wrote our own guide to help you keep your pet safe.


Our 5 top tips

  1. No treats – you may keep some sweets and chocolate available to give to some of your well-dressed guests, but please resist the temptation to let your pet eat them. Chocolates and raisins are poisonous to dogs with even small quantities being dangerous. If you dog eats chocolate or products containing raisins please call us immediately.
  2. Stay at home – if you’re going out with the kids playing ‘trick or treat’, make sure you leave your pets at home. It might be fun for you but it could be frightening for your dog.
  3. Keep away from the door – a ‘spooky’ guest appearing at the front door could make your dog or cat panic and bolt. It’s often better to keep them in a separate room or area where they can’t escape.
  4. Watch those flames – many of us will carve a pumpkin into a creative window display with a night light candle inside. They can really look great but a cat may be interested enough to want to investigate. Whiskers can be burnt or even worse the candle and pumpkin could be knocked over. They’re a fire risk and should be kept well away from animals.
  5. Pet I.D. – just incase your pet does manage to escape, double check that you have them properly identified. Microchips work best and are a legal requirement from 1st April 2017 for all dogs, but a nametag on the collar will also ensure a lost pet is rehomed quickly. If you’ve not done it for a while or have recently moved house, double check with your microchip company that the details are all correct.

If you need to arrange to have your pet microchipped or need help because of an emergency, call us now.