Practice news

2nd May 2017

Charlotte passes her final exams

This month is veterinary nurse awareness month so let’s remember the unsung multi-talented heroes of the veterinary profession and especially Charlotte who this month has passed her final exams at the first attempt. She studied and passed these in record time whilst working full-time what a tremendous effort!

Goodbye to Helen

We will be very sorry to be saying goodbye to vet Helen this month as she moves on to pastures new. She has been a great and valued member of the veterinary team over the last couple of years and we wish her well in her new ventures.

Longer consultations

We hope you have noticed an improvement in our time-keeping and service levels with the introduction of our 15 minute consultations which are enabling us to spend a little bit longer with each of our patients.

Sunday receptionist

Great news for us and hopefully you as well. We are also seeing the benefits of having a receptionist join the team on a Sunday to make our mornings run more efficiently.

Take care on those walks

With a lot of Bank Holidays this months and the warmer weather remember if you are out and about walking in the Peak District to watch out for adders. We have already treated two dogs for adder bites which are painful and potentially life-threatening. Please contact immediately if you suspect your dog has been bitten and remember we run a 24 hour emergency service including weekends. Much smaller but still a potential serious problem are ticks which quest in the spring looking for a host to latch on to so make sure your dog is up to date with tick control. For more information about ticks in the UK check out and contact us to make sure your dog is properly protected.

Hathersage Hurtle

Finally at Hathersage our Hope Valley Clinic is sponsoring the Hathersage Hurtle is a challenging running and walking adventure which is hoping to raise much needed funds for the school check out how to enter at